Re: Update on CitiBank

Hi everyone. My name’s Caroline, I’m 22, married. I work 40 hours a week making about $9/hour, while my husband, makes 6.40/hour delivering pizza, however he makes tips well enough to pay a $450 a month car payment, plus his gas and he still has some “play” money set over.

The reason I joined this group is I am at my wits end in debt….I don’t know what to do anymore, we make enough money to cover the bills, but by some wrong spending choices made a few months ago and some unexpected bills (ie sickness, and tires/parts for his car), we are barely able to pay some of our bills, let alone all of them. My credit isn’t good, it’s around 500. His credit is even worse.

I am trying to get a loan of about 2 grand, that would get us straigtened out completely as far as our bills/behind on payments on things are concerned. I am supposed to be talking with a Citifinancial rep on Monday. My question is, if I could come up with enough collateral(sp) that would be worth 2 grand, do you think that I would be able to get the loan? I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t get it. I’m not too prideful to result to being the loan rep for money….please help! Thanks for your time :)

Citifinancial/Citigroup is no more a predator than any other large bank out there. My husband go a loan through them when his credit score was about what yours is and used a 95 Ford F150 as collateral and he got 10k. They have been VERY easy to work with, the only thing I do not like about them is that you can not pay online (they want to see their customers), but you can set up an automatic bill pay so you don’t have to mail or drop a check off in person.

I pay two Citi cards on line every month and have been doing it for a year. In fact, I pay all my bills on line because it’s the only way to be sure that it posts on the right day and I get a confirmation number.

The mail can’t be trusted and there’s no way to know that someone on the receiving end won’t loose it for a day before posting it. I also keep a spreadsheet of my monthly bills and if something doesn’t come up when expected I look into it. More than once I haven’t gotten a statement when I was supposed to, but I was told that it was my responsibility to pay on time all the same, statement or not. Now it’s internet only.

Citi cards you can pay online, it is the loan through Citifinancial that you can not pay online (they told me it is because they want to see and speak to their customers – I told them that I just want to be able to pay online!). That was the only check I was having to actually write out each month as I too pay everything online. I now have it set up for auto pay from our checking account so now I have no checks to write!! a few years ago I did a spreadsheet in Excel with bills due on the 1st and those due on the 15th (that is when my husband gets paid) I put the amount in each month and check them off as they clear the bank. It has made life so much easier for me and I know that everything gets paid either on time or early and how much we have left over.