Hey there newbie seeking advice

student loanHi, My name is Alice and I guess there are a lot of people in debt like me hu? Well I’m in a big fix and I was hopeing to find some advice. A little about my situation:

I’m 21 and a single mom, I’m not able to work for health reasons right now and am relying on my Disabled Mom and Dad to help me out.

I lost my apartment and everything I owned when I was 20 and trying to go to college in Illinois because I had several student loans and went through an id theft to boot. My natural mom (I’m adopted) took out about $18,000 worth of credit out on me and that’s made it impossible to get any kind of debt consolidation loan. Anyway, I ended up pregnant and now have an 18 mth old little.

I was fortunate enough to get accepted back into school but can’t get any financial aid until my debt is resolved with the collection agencies. I need about $35,000 to do this but with no income of my own, the worst credit, and no collateral I feel like I’m in a strait jacket waiting for the wolves to pounce. please if you have any suggestions, I’d do anything, I’d sell my soul to get this fixed!!!

If your mom got credit cards in your name without your permission call the credit card companies and tell them this. The credit card companies cannot hold you responsible for charges you did not make. You may have to send them a notarized statement to this effect.

If the other money owed are student loans, call the student loan companies and ask for a hardship deferment. The loan companies will suspend your payments for a few months to a year or so.