Another medical dilemma

I don’t have an answer for your dilemma, but I just have to say it is awful that in one of the richest countries in the world, a hardworking, struggling woman like Donna has to make a choice whether to get the medical care and tests she needs, at the risk at getting deeper into debt. It really makes me want change in this country, and it really shows how broken the system is.

My son had three outbreaks of MRSA and needed hospitalization. He was 19 at the time, and I claimed him as a dependent on my taxes because he lived with me and was only working sporadically. Now we owe the hospital and doctors and imaging $12,000. They would have accepted a payment plan, but I live from paycheck to paycheck and can barely pay my bills now (despite working seven days a week) so I couldn’t do that. My son could probably have got Medi-Cal as we live in California – but I can’t as I make too much. I feel morally liable for this money, but I have done nothing about it – just keep stacking up the bills. I feel bad that I let my son have bad credit due to this before he even had credit at all!

I owe a lot, about $12,000 in credit card debt. Last May, I signed up with a company called Effective Financial Solutions, and I gave them power of attorney and gave them all my statements and now pay them $200 a month. The theory is when I get enough in that account they place in in (they send my statements) they will offer a settlement deal. Well, I can’t always make the payment and so no one has been paid and not that much is in there. I changed my phone number so I don’t get the calls, but I did get a judgement served on me, on the Chase card, which was one of six or so.

I have student loans for $28,000, but I put them in forbearance, so I have a year to get that together. It will be about $260 a month.

My budget is to the bone – I live in the Bay Area so my rent is $1400 – very high cost of living. I take home about $3,000 though. Don’t have a car. I get a lot of overdraft fees. I am frequently a week late on the rent, although the landord has been understanding.

And I work two jobs. My son has a lot of bills, court ordered counseling, money he owes to the county for a DUI, etc – even typing this I can see people saying I need to stop supporting him. He is 20 now.

Way too much information, right? Sorry, Hope somebody felt like reading this and has some ideas for me. I feel really trapped and don’t see options.

Moms have a hard time letting their kids make their own mistakes. I’ve got three kids and I have an awful time. They know when I’m going to do laundry but won’t pick up their dirty stuff or even bring it out on washing day. last week my oldest (18 years) didn’t get any clean laundry because she never brought her dirty stuff out and I’d mentioned it several times over two days when i was doing laundry. It’s so hard to not step in and do things because it’s easier than getting the kids to do it like they should have. Yeah, okay, off topic.

I’ve no idea what can be done about medical care when there isn’t enough money.