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FREE money from the government? hmmm

businessI have spent over the last year on this list in a “lurking” capacity but felt the need to respond to this, as I have worked with someone who bought into this program without being fully prepared first.

Be VERY careful if you decide to deal with this company. I’m not saying they misrepresent anything (especially in writing), but they use very high-pressure sales tactics. Their introductory program (which is the ONLY thing that’s FREE) is about a 2-hour presentation for which at the end they sell you their coursework for about $1000.00 (at least that’s what the price was 3 years ago). The $1000.00 buys your time with “customer service” for 6 months.

Be very aware of what you’re getting into BEFORE spending your hard-earned money! I was in the room with 200+ people, some who could barely walk, others in wheelchairs, over 80+ years in age, you could tell how desparate some of these people were, putting out their money for this. It was obvious they were in no position to do the things required of them to secure these grants.

If you buy their program you then attend a 2-day workshop. If (and ONLY if) you are fully prepared to start a business OR become a professional real estate investor, will you get any real benefit from their program. They will teach you how to write a business plan (or charge you $5000.00 to write it for you) and go from there. Of course you have to realize that if you cannot write a business plan yourself with some guidance then your business is already in big trouble.

Otherwise, the billions of dollars in grants from the government to individuals are mostly in the form of housing assistance and food stamps! Otherwise start a business or spend the $1000.00 for their INFORMATION ONLY. Information that if you know where to get it, and/or who to ask, you can get anything they tell you for FREE.

These grants are out there, you just have to know how to get them. Be very rich, be very poor, or start a business. That’s it. Pure and simple.

Be very careful, the decision is all yours.

Best of luck in all your endeavors!