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OT / Medical & Dental Insurance

medical insuranceHi – I realize this is off topic but I’m looking for some guidance. Moderator is welcome to no post if they feel it’s unappropriate.

My parents are in their late 40’s and are in need of medical and dental insurance. They are unemployed (working as independant contractors through an organization that does not offer benefits) and are needing some help.

Does anyone know where I can start? We aren’t looking to spend a fortune each month but also realizing it won’t be cheap.

If anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate hearing. Thanks (in advance) for the help!

When I got laid off, I found reasonably priced insurance through

Also, I don’t know much about your situation of course, but I have Blue Cross, I’m in my late 40s and pay about $300 a month for myself. Hope that helps.