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Book on the “ways of shopping”

Many years ago, I read some book on the “ways of shopping”. I thinki I still might have it somewhere, but it did have some good tips in there.

One was.. get to know your produce/meat manager. the thought behind this was… so they would tell you of bargains. i knew the prodiuce / meat people of several stores and chains. in several towns around here, where I live. they would come and tell me when they had things on budget/markdown. i had certain days i went shopping and they knew it, and often would hold markdowns for me. i made it a point to know them by name and they knew me

Another thing i do, is go and shop at a bents-n-dents store. i know of at least 3 in different towns, all within a 30 – 45 min one way drive. once i had access to a foodbank that provided all kinds of goodies at cost or for donation [ they stuck a price/ donation suggestion on it, but that was ok ]. at the bent-n-dents store i can buy cereal for 1 $, and everything is way marked down, because the items are not in perfect condition. it is amazoing what i have found there !! i even bought caviar for a friend [ got that at a special price, because no one else would buy it ]. i buy good stuff, organic if i can find it, healthy choices and i aoid sugar stuff if i can find something better. no cheap junk stuff for me.

I would highly recommend, take a look at your phone book and see if you can’t find a discount foods store in your town. that’s what they are called sometimes. i have walked out of that store many time s, having bought 100 $ worth of groceries, for which i would have paid at least 3 x as much in a grocery store. there ae a few hints for shopping there, but you can learn them quick.

Anyhow, a good way to save $$$ when its tight. or to stock up.

I agree this is good. I’ve shopped at the same grocery store for years and have always tried to be friendly with the girl I saw stocking the meats (not a manager, but hey, I actually SAW her). Now, she tries to let me know when something may be going on sale. Last week I said hi to her and she told me to come back in about 10 mins for a steal. I came back and she was stocking hot dogs for 10 cents a pack!! I got a bunch of those for the freezer.

I also know the people who run the local ‘bend and dent’ store. They know there are certain brand name items that I won’t settle for generic on, but also won’t pay full price for. They actually CALL me when they get these items and offer to hold some for me. It pays to be friendly.